> What Legend Strategic Consultancy does

There have been lots of well publicised frauds in China recently. This tells us that current due diligence is coming up short. Investors will want more robust and three dimensional due diligence in the future. First hand and comprehensive investigative work is essential which is what we do.

As journalists, we talk to everyone and we know how to ask the right questions. We are as likely to be interviewing a street vendor in the town the target company operates in as to leading political source.

We understand the country, culture and the language perhaps better than any other consultancy as a result of many years living and working in the market. We can offer political insight and historical perspective and we have contacts that are second to none.

We know how to operate within the explicit and implicit restrictions that exist in China. As westerners, we can find out things that locals often can't because we are not part of any faction or beholden to any political agenda. We can uncover reliable information in a country where statistics are misleading and regulations are complex or unclear.

As professional communicators, we can distil our insights quickly into a practical advice. Like a newspaper story, our work will be short, to the point and forthright in its conclusions.

> Typical Projects
  • Analysis of potential targets and the markets in which they operate.
  • Detailed profiles of senior management in target companies.
  • Mapping potential regulatory and political issues which may affect transactions.
  • Risk assessment.

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